We’re glad you came to visit  Waypoint Real Estate Group! We are proud to specialize in Celebration, FL real estate. As a group of investing realtors, we understand the importance of making the right Real Estate purchase decisions. We’ve been told “we’re different”. And we are. We surround ourselves with people in the field who, like us, believe that this isn’t just “business”; it’s guiding people through one of the most important decisions they’ll make. We all want to make sure you get it right every step of the way. Beyond that, we sincerely want to help you and know we can make this an exciting process for you.  Read on to learn more about Waypoint Real Estate Group.

The Pleasure’s all Ours – Really.  We’re glad you came to learn about Waypoint Real Estate Group. We’ve been told that we’re “different”. Yes, we anticipate needs. We certainly strive for a “wow” experience each time, but beyond that, our approach to real estate is far more than pulling comparables and showy open houses. We are deeply personal. We push you to think about your needs and wants in ways you haven’t before. We sit beside you as you process what your next steps are. We are your objective thought partner and consultant, and because we are people too, we feel it with you when it gets complicated, overwhelming, and exciting. Every move we make is deliberate and with you in mind. We represent you by saying enough, but not too much. We are meticulous with how we use data. We are thoughtful in our timing of everything. We are creative. We get deals no one else would…period. Deals that are too complex. Deals that should have taken longer. Deals that should have died. Deals that many others would have walked away from. Ask around. We believe action speaks louder than words, so stop reading about us and come experience us. The pleasure will be all ours, and we know it will be yours too.

David Purdie, REALTOR®

David PurdieREALTOR®

Direct: 407.566.8265 Ext. 5

Cell: 407.446.2961

Fax: 407.472.5909

Email: david@waypointregroup.com

Jimmy Tate, REALTOR®

Jimmy TateREALTOR®

Direct: 407.566.8265 ext. 6

Cell: 407.716.2090

Fax: 407.472.5909

Email: jimmy@waypointregroup.com

Tiffany Baro, REALTOR®

Tiffany BaroREALTOR®

Direct: 407.566.8265 Ext. 4

Cell: 321.281.7536

Fax: 407.472.5909

Email: tiffany@waypointregroup.com

Valerie McClary REALTOR®

Office: 407.566.8265

Cell: 407.572.3748

Fax: 407.472.5909

Email: valerie@waypointregroup.com